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Recent Events Related to Private School Licensure

Governor Schwarzenegger's sunsetting of the Bureau of Private and Post-Secondary Vocational Education (BPPVE) has left many new cosmetology schools ready to open their doors in a quandary. Who will now approve new cosmetology schools for operation and licensing?

For many months this issue had no solution at all. Recently, the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology voted it would be willing to oversee that process in future given adequate resources (manpower and budget). SB 45 (Perata) voted into law, gave the BBC the temporary ability to approve schools caught in the middle of the process when BPPVE sunsetted and were already substantially invested in their new site and already working with BPPVE. This 'band-aid' law was never designed to provide a long term solution. Now charged with the responsibility, BBC's staff and budget remains the same and Senior BBC Staff is telling applicants not to expect timely review and approvals.

Currently they are working with a number of industry consultants and legal staff to review applications to ensure legitimacy and quality of service, but by necessity, the application process is going to be a long one. Having prior NACCAS approvals will speed things a bit, but there is much research that has to go into the process. Interested parties can contact the temporary BBC "school desk" at 916-575-7140.

The long term solution is for the Legislature to give the BBC sole regulatory oversight of schools along with the statutory authority the BPPVE once had and the ability to charge an application fee commensurate with the cost of reviewing new school sites/applications t pay for the services to be rendered.

PBFC is encouraging all visitors to this website to contact their Legislators using the letter/email and call to action link on the home page.