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What's Next?
The PBFC Agenda

It's news to no one that there are many things in the beauty industry in need of improvement in Sacramento. As you can see by our accomplishments page, we have already come a long way in just a few short years.

We have used our original missions as our guideline in focusing on an agenda. The areas we addressed, published and presented in our original "Report to the New State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology" back in August 11, 2003 (when the new state board first was named) speaks to the immediate industry issues in need of resolution. The original 2003 report was updated, re-written, and re-presented to the new Consumer Services Agency Secretary Aquiar as the PBFC's Report to the New State & Consumer Services Agency Secretary Aquiar re: State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. Many of the elements included in both reports have been discussed as needing change in the past two sunset reviews over a decade and are long overdue for adjustment.

"Report to State & Consumer Services Agency Secretary Aquiar" Feb 19, 2004

"Report to the New State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology" August 11, 2003

Progress since the inception of the new leadership of the Board of Cosmetology has been swift. Most of our original agenda items have now either been resolved, or have begun to be addressed and as you read in accomplishments, the vital ones such as testing delays and reciprocity, externship, currency of exams, etc. have already been dealt with.

1. The Sunset of the BPPVE

Recent legislative actions have sunsetted the Bureau of Private and Post-Secondary Vocational Education (BPPVE). Until 2008, the BPPVE oversaw all vocational school operations in the state of California. Handled hastily, there now exists a huge gap in oversight and administration, not only in the beauty industry but in every industry where private schools serve employers and students throughout the state. Student loans, school openings and school licensing have ground to a halt or become a bureaucratic nightmare. The consequences of the sunset without oversight backup are far-reaching and of great concern. Emergency measures are called for and PBFC is at the forefront of the temporary solutions working on securing better and more permanent solutions.

In PBFC's opinion, the best and simplest solution for the beauty industry is to bring all beauty/barbering schools under the BBC's sole regulatory oversight. We need state officials that truly understand the educational environment of the schools, and work in partnership with instructors to better prepare students to successfully and safely operate in modern salons.

The current Board of Barbering & Cosmetology has already voted they would be willing to absorb that oversight responsibility, but this will take legislation to accomplish, so we need your help contacting your State representatives.

We Need Your Voice Click here to send a letter to your representative supporting legislation transferring all regulatory authority of our barbering / cosmetology schools to the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology(BBC)

2. Addressing unlicensed and illegal activities within the industry are two other key efforts we will pursue. We must bring working licensees 'out of the shadows' and above the 'underground economy' of the beauty industry. This will go a long way to legitimizing booth rental by specifically licensing booth rental businesses that have independent contractors working therein. Also, by strengthening the cite/fine process to maximize enforcement efforts, as well as supporting closer ties between industry, educators and regulators, we can bring more regulatory accountability and transparency. Finally, by supporting stronger sanctions for illegal activities both in statute and regulations, and by assisting public outreach efforts by State Board officials to warn the public of dangerous or illegal practices in the field will greatly assist our united effort to raise the professionalism of our industry.

3. Continue our work to update/reform both mandated curricula and the state board exams to keep them consistent with and parallel to trends and advances in technology and techniques in the ever-evolving, modern salon.

4. Strive to open doors outside of California for our licensees (reciprocity), now that we welcome qualified out-of-staters to California's beauty industry.

These are just the current issues in the forefront we are working towards. Keep an eye on this page for updates. Sign up for PBFC news flashes as they happen.



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