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PBFC Accomplishments

The Professional Beauty Federation of California has been highly successful in its watchdog and representative role for California’s professional beauty industry.

The changes in Board of Cosmetology leadership and PBFC's rigorous pursuit of its agenda have combined to make for the significant change outlined below. Although we've come a long way, the job is ongoing. It takes money and dedicated people to make sure that when the DCA, BBC, Legislators, and the Governor's Administration need expert advice and counsel about the beauty industry in California, they continue to come first to the PBFC. It is our credibility and trust, built through constant presence, visibility and good counsel at all levels of Government that has kept PBFC at the table of decision-making meetings in Sacramento and throughout the state.

Here are the PBFC's Major Accomplishments

2009 - Licensure Exam Update -- It's official; the State Board written exam has now been updated for all 5 licensing categories; the exam questions will, beginning April 1, be provided by the Nat'l Interstate Council of Boards of Cosmetology (NIC), which are regularly updated to industry standards and much more consistent with textbook publishers. No longer shall students be taught two separate curricula, one to pass an out-dated licensing exam and the other to learn the realities of the modern salon!

2009 - Cosmetology and Esthetician Curriculum Reform -- for the first time in over 20 years, the mandated State Board curriculums for Cosmetology and Esthetician have been reformed, providing schools and students much more flexibility to meet student needs, as well as ongoing changes in industry standards, technologies and techniques. The PBFC, in close consultation with the CASC, led this reform movement ... next up, the other 4 licensed categoricals.

2008 - As of February 1, the State Board has begun implementing a new process of issuing monetary sanctions for regulatory violations found during inspections of salons., The PBFC believed that field inspectors should not act as "judge, jury and executioner." Instead, they will be limited to performing field inspections and issuing citation reports that do not include monetary sanctions; before any fines can be attached, those reports must be reviewed by enforcement division staff in Sacramento, who will take into consideration the consumer risk and seriousness of the alleged violations, as well as the licensee's history of safety and cleanliness (as found in prior inspections). If after this more thorough approach a licensee still objects, they will still be given the opportunity to appeal to the State Board's Disciplinary Review Committee/panel.

2008 – The State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology has conducted an industry-wide survey of licensees to better determine who is still working in the industry, and whether people are employers, employees or booth renters.  This is an important step to better understand the nature of the average beauty salon.

2007 - All elements stipulated by the legislature in the past 3 Sunset Reviews have been addressed, either accomplished or already under way for study and action.

2007 - PBFC is supporting the regular updating of our licensing examinations to keep current with ever-evolving technologies and industry trends;  that is why we are promoting the adoption of the (NIC) National Institute of Testing Standards currently being used for Cosmetology in 32 other States and 21 other nations. This will facilitate movement of licensed cosmetologists back and forth in the largest beauty market in the U.S. without undue hardship.

2007 - PBFC asked by Department of Consumer Affairs to sit on 'Working Group' to develop sanitation and salon recommendations to ensure California consumers who enjoy pedicures can do so safely.

2007 - PBFC spearheaded comprehensive reviews and updates of the mandated curricula of all licensed categoricals. Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail curriculums were recently redrawn removing detailed micromanagement of mandated hours for specific demonstrations/skills. Phase one is now completed. Phase two of this effort is for PBFC to promote the legislation that will allow the Board to implement the new curriculums. When complete, schools will be able to work more closely with modern salons in developing relevant education that can keep pace with new trends and techniques.

2007 - Out-of-State cosmetology license reciprocity signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger allowing licensed cosmetologists from other states with comparable licensing hours and clean work records to obtain a California Cosmetology licenses immediately and go right to work in California.

2007 - Board votes to remove regulations from Externship law.. The onerous and micromanaging regulations placed on externship law have been voted to be removed. This change will free up salons to use externs in a manner more consistent with the educational strengths of the salon and the educational needs of the students. Schools, students and salon owners will be able develop their own curricula making Externship a much more productive experience for all. The regulation change is in process.

2006 - To help reduce unlicensed activity in the state, Photographic licensure has been agreed to in principle by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

2006 - Beauty school education reforms suggested to Sacramento have streamlined and reduced administrative costs and delays, saving student’s money and opening-up new opportunities. (Example: consolidation of course work taught in different languages now accomplished under one approval application and fee).

2005 - Worked with Sacramento to improve cosmetology license ‘pre-application’ for beauty school students. Under lobbying pressure, the system was re-worked to assure timely sittings for the licensing examination.

2005 - Actively lobbied in support of Senator Figueroa's 2005 Sunset Review process seeking to change the leadership of the Board of Cosmetology that had ignored the legislatively mandated actions for over 12 years. During this process, two of PBFC Directors were appointed to the State Board. One of whom, Jerry Tyler, was elected President by the existing current board members.

2003 - Published the PBFC' "REPORT TO THE BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY" in August of 2003 and prior to the 2005/2006 Sunset review, re-wrote and re-issued the report as "The Professional Beauty Federation of California’s Report to the New State & Consumer Services Agency Secretary RE: State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology."

2003 - AB 2449 began the process of clarifying the responsibilities of California's ‘booth renter’ population under existing law. This action was designed to enhance compliance with existing laws by educating relevant governing agencies about this important industry segment and documenting its true size. This begins to initiate a more ‘level playing field’ for salon owners with employees by identifying all licensees as either employer, employee, or independent contractor/booth renter.

2003 - PBFC influentially supported SB 1482 which ‘sunsetted’ the former bureau of cosmetology’ returning California to a ‘board’ based regulatory system.

2001 - Created California’s annual “Welcome to Our World” lobbying event to heighten political awareness and strengthen support of beauty industry professionals by the politicians who influence their future. Every year, dozens of Assemblypersons, Senators and legislative staffers get ‘beautified’ by salon professionals while brushing up on California's $6 billion dollar beauty industry!

2001 - Established this PBFC website to provide industry participants a convenient, easy-to-use ‘window’ on Sacramento activities and a direct line of communications to the PBFC.

2000 - Debuted the first PBFC ‘Town Hall’ in California inviting influential Sacramento politicians to meet and greet industry members. Each year since 2002 PBFC sponsors at least one 'Town Hall' type event to share our progress to listen to industry-wide opinion.

2000 – The California State Legislature officially recognized and honored the beauty industry passing PBFC-sponsored ACR 52 (Correa), naming the last full week of April the 'California Professional Beauty and Barbering Industry Week'."

2000 - Obtained experienced Sacramento industry advocacy. PBFC’s General Counsel and lobbyist served for more than a decade as a policy Committee Consultant, Budget Analyst, and legislative Chief of Staff in Sacramento.

2000 - Established the first all-inclusive ‘cross-segment’ industry association in California. The PBFC board of directors includes at least one representative from each of the following industry segments: independent salon owners, large chain salons, multiple salons groups, sole salon owners, private schools, public schools, cosmetology educators, distributors, and industry suppliers.


PBFC need your support now more than ever!

The new leadership of California's Board of Cosmetology is on track for many more real changes. But, PBFC must continue to hold our industry regulators' feet to the fire. Without this industry oversight and constant presence, everything can slide backwards in the blink of an eye. It has happened in the past and has cost us all dearly.

We need your time and your financial support to keep Sacramento on track. Please click here to learn more.



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